Guest blogger L. Rob Hubbard reviews local Halloween books and horror flicks

It’s The Witching Season! What goes with Halloween along with trick or treating and dressing up in costume – horror films! But instead of listing the usual favorites that you probably already know about, we’ll take a look at titles that have the distinction of having been made locally in the Topeka/KC area. But first, […]

Howard Gordon

Kyle S. reviews The Obelisk by Howard Gordon

The Obelisk is an action-packed thriller.  Gideon Davis, a peace negotiator for the United Nations, has brokered many peace accords around the world.  Tillman Davis, Gideon’s older brother, has taken the route of warrior and apparently turned rogue mercenary.  Their parents died when they were youngsters.  Tillman took on the role of protective older brother.  […]


Jason W. reviews Patton Oswalt’s “My Weakness Is Strong”

With an intro joke about a mistyped text message to his wife and segueing into an absurdly worded announcement that he has a child on the way, Patton Oswalt‘s album “My Weakness is Strong” starts with a bang. This album, like typical Patton fare, is a romp through the convoluted mind of an unapologetic geek. His witticisms pull […]


Guest blogger Dale Santori reviews Dancing with the Velvet Lizard

One thing you can say about Bruce Golden’s fiction, is that it always delivers something different.  From such diverse novels as Evergreen and Better Than Chocolate to his short stories, you’ll likely find something innovative and entertaining.  No extended series or sequels, just new characters, new conflicts, and sometimes, new laughs.  He’s one of the […]


Guest blogger Kyle Stueven reviews Twice a Spy by Keith Thomson

Charlie Clark’s girlfriend is kidnapped and all the kidnappers want is a Cold-War era nuclear device.  The problem is the Clarks are on the run after being framed for murder.  The CIA is trying to get to the Clarks before they can get to the device. What unfolds is an incredible fast-paced adventure that will take […]