Howard Gordon

Kyle S. reviews The Obelisk by Howard Gordon

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The Obelisk is an action-packed thriller.  Gideon Davis, a peace negotiator for the United Nations, has brokered many peace accords around the world.  Tillman Davis, Gideon’s older brother, has taken the route of warrior and apparently turned rogue mercenary.  Their parents died when they were youngsters.  Tillman took on the role of protective older brother.  […]


Guest blogger Dale Santori reviews Dancing with the Velvet Lizard

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One thing you can say about Bruce Golden’s fiction, is that it always delivers something different.  From such diverse novels as Evergreen and Better Than Chocolate to his short stories, you’ll likely find something innovative and entertaining.  No extended series or sequels, just new characters, new conflicts, and sometimes, new laughs.  He’s one of the […]