Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon

Portland has a climate similar to Japan which makes Portland an ideal city for a Japanese garden. When you enter a Japanese garden the desired effect is to have a sense of peace, harmony, tranquility and feeling apart of nature. Three of the essential elements are stone, the bones of the landscape; water, the life-giving […]

No Military Working Dog Left Behind

  Between 1964 and 1973 around 4,000 war dogs and 10,000 handlers were deployed to defend South Vietnam from an invasion from North Vietnam. The success of the war dogs and handlers helped reduce the enemy’s capacity for suprise attacks. This result was the enemy placed a price tag on the heads of the war […]

Nails with Bling

Rainbow, butterflies or daisies painted on your fingernails? Maybe you would like to experiment with bright blue or sparkly red nail polish – or both. We have the supplies; you bring your imagination. When: Monday, April 22 Time: 3:30-4:30 pm Where: The Edge Who: 11-18 years         Share On Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest