HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 42 – Inspirational Fiction

Thad Hartman and Lissa Staley host a roundtable discussion with our guests around an engaging and interesting topic — Inspirational Christian Fiction Listen now, download the mp3, or subscribe to “Hush: a podcast from your library” through iTunes. Inspirational Fiction Our guest this episode is Deb Bryan, a Reader’s Advisor at the library who shares her […]

Behind the Scenes Author Interview with Crystal K. Green

Find out what author Crystal K. Green learned about writing three dimensional characters, why this year’s premise is better than last year’s, and why she was disappointed after she finished reading the chapter before hers in this interview — then check out Crystal’s chapter in the community novel project – SpeakEasy.

SpeakEasy Chapter 12 by Crystal K. Green

SpeakEasy is our collaboratively written Community Novel Project. Read online, download to your ereader or listen to the audiobook version. Each week, we’ll publish a new chapter by a new Topeka author. In chapter 12, author Crystal K. Green takes Ronni, Pete and Julia back to the assisted living facility. They have to get past Ronni’s uncle, the police officers, and the facility staff just to get Julia home, and although everyone looks helpful it is impossible to know who they can trust.

A Really Awesome Mess

An angry girl and a depressed boy, both sixteen, are sent to a therapeutic boarding school. This succinct description summarizes the book, but it does little to capture the complete JOY of this new story from authors Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin. If you like quirky teen characters with real honest emotions, this is the book for you.