Superimposed Chapter 5 by Rae Kary Staab and Elizabeth Staab Van Deusen

Superimposed Chapter 5

Read the fifth chapter in the new Community Novel Project. Hospice worker Holly gets to know Mr. Grimaldi better, before he takes a turn for the worse.

Superimposed Chapter 4 by Brian W Allen

Superimposed Chapter 4

Read the fourth chapter in the new Community Novel Project. In a second flashback to World War II, a soldier is captured in Germany after his B-17 was hit.

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

A Gorgeous Modern Fairy Tale

Paul Rudnick’s new novel, Gorgeous, is the best kind of modern fairy tale, with witty dialogue and scathing social critique of “beautiful people”.

Superimposed Chapter 3 by Holly Mace

Superimposed Chapter 3

Read the third chapter in the newest Community Novel Project. Holly learns more about her new hospice client, Joe, but she is left with more questions than answers about the secretive, dying man.

Superimposed Chapter 2 by Stacy Spilker

Superimposed Chapter 2

Read the second chapter in the newest Community Novel Project. A flashback to action on a WWII aircraft introduces a new character and sets up a parallel story to last week’s chapter.

Superimposed Chapter 1 George Ismael Feliu Jr

Superimposed Chapter 1

Read the first chapter in the newest Community Novel Project. This collaboratively written novel will be serialized for the next twenty weeks until we reach the exciting conclusion!

HEAR Youth resources fair April 15 at 3pm

HEARyouth Teen Resources Fair

Chat and learn more Tuesday, April 15, 2014 from 3:00-4:30 pm. HEARyouth is a group of community agencies who work together to help youth become Heatlhy, Empowered and Responsible.

reality tour collage

Behind the Scenes at The Reality Tour

Topeka teens learned the truth about drug and alcohol abuse at this March 2014 event. A recent survey showed 43 percent of Shawnee County youth reported that they have drank beer, wine or hard liquor at least once in their lifetime. Do you know the real consequences of substance abuse?

Hush a podcast from TSCPL

HUSH Library Podcast Ep. 55 – Topeka Poets

Celebrate National Poetry Month! Listen as Leah Sewell and Israel Wasserstein share their poetry and talk about their writing process and their sources of inspiration as Kansas poets.

DIY Craft Kits to Check Out

Feed your inner crafter with grab-and-go crafting kits from your library. Plus, we share some really awesome online resources for everything from embroidery to origami.

Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes Alert Day is March 25th. At the library, Shawnee County Health Agency staff will provide a Diabetes Risk Test and provide information on diabetes prevention and treatment.