Superimposed Chapter 5 by Rae Kary Staab and Elizabeth Staab Van Deusen

Superimposed Chapter 5

Read the fifth chapter in the new Community Novel Project. Hospice worker Holly gets to know Mr. Grimaldi better, before he takes a turn for the worse.

Superimposed Chapter 4 by Brian W Allen

Superimposed Chapter 4

Read the fourth chapter in the new Community Novel Project. In a second flashback to World War II, a soldier is captured in Germany after his B-17 was hit.

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

A Gorgeous Modern Fairy Tale

Paul Rudnick’s new novel, Gorgeous, is the best kind of modern fairy tale, with witty dialogue and scathing social critique of “beautiful people”.

Superimposed Chapter 3 by Holly Mace

Superimposed Chapter 3

Read the third chapter in the newest Community Novel Project. Holly learns more about her new hospice client, Joe, but she is left with more questions than answers about the secretive, dying man.