Superimposed Chapter 19 by Craig Paschang

Superimposed Chapter 19

Holly is reunited with a man she loves. But can she trust him? And can she trust herself? Only one more chapter to go in this exciting collaboratively written story.

Superimposed Chapter 18 by Nora E. Derrington

Superimposed Chapter 18

Only 3 weeks to go in this collaboratively written novel! The story is wrapping up as Joe Grimaldi’s past is revealed in surprising flashback scenes in North Carolina and Istanbul.

Superimposed Chapter 17 by Steve Laird

Superimposed Chapter 17

Holly’s tries to fulfill a dying man’s cryptic last wish, but she can she continue to trust her traveling companion? A surprise twist will shock readers, with only three more weeks until this story’s conclusion.

HUSH Podcast

HUSH Library Podcast #61 – Hospice Care

In this episode, we discuss hospice care and end of life experiences, then recommend some recent books and compelling memoirs from the shelves of the Health Information Neighborhood.

Superimposed Chapter 16 by Crystal K Green

Superimposed Chapter 16

Only 5 weeks to go in this collaboratively written novel. This chapter connects the dots between intriguing scenes in Joe Grimaldi’s past…yet still leaves a surprising cliffhanger ending!

5 Teen Romances To Heat Up Your Summer

In the center of the country in Topeka, Kansas, the concept of a “beach read” may not make much sense, but fun and flirty teen romance novels are great for finding some relaxing entertainment during your summer break, whether you are poolside or staying in the air-conditioning. Browse the romance paperbacks in David J’s Place […]

Superimposed Chapter 15 by Liv Howard

Superimposed Chapter 15

As the plot thickens, Holly is sent on an overseas journey, but her destination and her traveling companion are both called into question by suspicious circumstances.

Library Trivia Winners 2014

2014 Winning Team Photo Gallery Trivia Night Extravaganza   Kansas Expocentre: Ag Hall | Friday, Nov 14, 2014 |6:30-9:00 pm Let’s make this Shawnee County’s largest trivia event. The library challenges the community to fill up Ag Hall and take on a crazy amount of teams for a record-breaking, super-fun trivia contest! This trivia night […]

Superimposed Chapter 14 by Annette Komma

Superimposed Chapter 14

As the plot gets more complicated, the authors can fill in more of the characters’ mysterious pasts. This week, five distinct flashback scenes connect the mysteries of the past to the present.

Superimposed Chapter 13

In this week’s chapter, a dead body is abandoned in favor of a quick escape, but the destination of the airplane is in question, when Pesha asks Holly to trust him. Don’t miss this community-written adventure!

Chapter 12 by Reaona Hemmingway

Superimposed Chapter 12

New characters, with new mysteries, are introduced frequently when each chapter is written by a different author. This week, two characters become one!