Chapter 12 by Reaona Hemmingway

Superimposed Chapter 12

New characters, with new mysteries, are introduced frequently when each chapter is written by a different author. This week, two characters become one!

just like the movies by Kelli Fiore

Just Like the Movies

Track and field star Marijke Monti loves her boyfriend Tommy, a hot guitarist in a high school band. She loves him, but she doesn’t trust him, and that is tearing them apart. Will a movie script ending save their relationship?

Superimposed Chapter 11 by Sarah Langley

Superimposed Chapter 11

In this week’s chapter, Holly suffers a major loss and is sent on a big quest, in a turn of events that you will have to read to believe!

Local Authors Publishing Two Books at Library

Win a free autographed copy of a 2014 Community Novel Project book! Spirits of Oz and Superimposed are published weekly online. Pre-order your print copy and pick up at the Book Launch.

Superimposed Chapter 10 by Elaine Greywalker

Superimposed Chapter 10

Half-way through the serialized community novel, this flashback chapter to 1950’s Topeka allows Joe Grimaldi to take stock of his business and personal life.

Superimposed Chapter 9

In this week’s adventures, Holly must defend her dying client Joe Grimaldi against attacks from those most dangerous of enemies … his friends and family!

Superimposed Chapter 8 by Diana Marsh 3

Superimposed Chapter 8

In this “must read” weekly installment of the community novel, the WWII cliffhanger from a previous chapter is resolved in a way that leaves many more questions.

One Man Guy

One Man Guy

Two boys are falling in serious “like” with each other in this new romantic comedy.

Superimposed Chapter 7

In the latest weekly installment of the serialized community novel, people from Joe Grimaldi’s past arrive to help him as he nears the end of his life.

Superimposed chapter 6 by Dennis E Smirl

Superimposed Chapter 6

Read the sixth chapter in the 2014 Community Novel Project. In a World War II flashback, German and American soldiers reveal the ugly realities of war and a tragedy becomes an opportunity.