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Cookbook Review: The Kitchn Cookbook

Earlier this month I had at least 5 brand new cookbooks arrive within a few days and I intended to try at least one recipe from each throughout one or two weeks. Instead, I ended up cooking from only one over a two week period. I have been following The Kitchn, a website dedicated to recipes, […]

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Cooking for Thanksgiving

Do not panic. You officially have less than a month to plan a Thanksgiving feast and you will pull it off! Start with the basics Will you be traveling, hosting, or just relaxing and eating? No matter where you celebrate, if you plan to host a crowd or make a dish for a holiday potluck, […]

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Master Gardeners: Roses and Vegetable Problems

We have two exciting Lawn & Garden programs in June for you to look forward to! Come to the library on June 12, 2014 7:00-8:00PM in Marvin Auditorium 101C for “Roses,” and June 26, 2014 7:00-8:00PM in Marvin Auditorium 101C for “Vegetable Problems, Diseases, and Pests.” Both programs are presented by the Master Gardeners of […]

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Container Gardening

Container gardening is an answer for those with small, limited garden space. If you are like me and live in an apartment, you know you can still enjoy growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables. In order to get started, you need a container (plastic, clay, or wood), a soil mix, fertilizer, water, and the most important […]

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Cake Pan Library

Have fun baking for special (or everyday!) occasions by borrowing a cake pan from the Cake Pan Library in the  Cooking Neighborhood! Cake Pan Library Basics Cake Pans check out for 14 days. Cake Pans can be found in the Cooking Neighborhood on the display wall. Cake Pans are non-renewable. Overdue fees are $1 per […]