Watch Heartland Visioning’s Music Video!

Heartland Visioning just made a music video with Philip (Brail) Watson, who has performed at the library in the past! Here’s more information from Heartland Visioning: “Working with Downtown Topeka Inc. we contracted with Philip (Brail) Watson to produce the music and Dave Uhler of Berkeley Square Media Inc. to produce the full video and […]

The Make-It Lab, the library's new makerspace

Introducing the Make-It Lab, the library’s new Makerspace!

On December 8, the library is opening the Make-It Lab – a makerspace where you can create videos, edit photographs, create digital art and graphic design, record your first hit song, and even print something on our 3D printer!

First Customer using our new checkout kiosks

First Customer! Tagging at the Library, Day 5

In today’s video, we watch as Lisa, one of our library customers (and Friends of the Library board member) tries out the new checkout kiosks, and discovers how easy they are to use. Don’t forget – we open back up on Tuesday, May 6. See you tomorrow!

Tagging at the library, Day 3

Tagging at the Library, Day 3

It’s Day 3 of our RFID Tagging project! In today’s video, let’s talk to Gina Millsap and find out how the project is going so far. Please watch!

tagging at the library, day 2

Tagging at the Library, Day 2

It’s Day 2 of our HUGE RFID tagging project. Here are some snippets of what’s going on today, as we continue tagging books and videos and work on installing the Checkout Kiosks. Enjoy!

How to use our new Checkout Kiosks

Our new Checkout Kiosks are easy to use!

Want to get a sneak peek at the new checkout kiosks we are installing this week? Here’s a video of Marie Pyko, Public Services Director at the library, showing off one of the new checkout kiosks. Please watch the video!

New catalog is here

New Library Catalog Coming Today!

Today’s the Day! So excited to bring you a user-friendly, more Amazon-like catalog. is now available, and we encourage you to explore. If you like the new catalog, “like” us on Facebook and show your enthusiasm. Some small tweaks behind the scenes will be made in the next few days, but report anything you […]

Sign a petition to support wider access to ebooks at your library

Check out!

Please check out our library’s petition website – What’s it for? It’s all about getting you guys – our customers – the books you want to read in the formats you want to read them in: We are having trouble getting ebooks from the largest publishing companies. These publishers are adding restrictions and price increases, or […]

Social Media at the Library

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube … do you use social media? Nationally, over 50% of people age 13+ use Facebook, and over 7% use Twitter. People friend, fan, check-in, and share short updates with their friends daily. The library does this too – we have quite a few social media sites to choose from. Want […]

Your iPad, our Library = Great Match!

The new iPad is out! What can you do with your shiny new iPad at the library? Read books, of course – download the Overdrive app and start reading. Take our iPad for Beginners class. Browse our website. Search our library catalog. Use our free wifi to check your email. Tweet us, Facebook us, etc. […]