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Traveling Europe by Train

Traveling Europe by train…does the phrase conjure up old world elegance ala “Murder on the Orient Express” or no frills, high-speed efficiency for you? Take a peek into top European destinations by train and see what you need to add to your bucket list.

Traveling by Train — a Different Way to Go

Are you tired of paying high prices to stand in line to take off your shoes and then stuff yourself into a barely-big-enough seat that might be next to a miniscule window you can barely see out of? (I’m speaking of air travel, in case you didn’t recognize it.) Consider traveling by train, for business and especially for pleasure.

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Turn Your Passion into a Travel Adventure

Niche. It’s a funny word that has lots of different meanings and pronunciations. It can be a sheltered or private place, a place or activity best suited to a person or thing or even a habitat necessary for the existence of a species. Whether you say “neesh”, “nish” or “nitch” it means special.

Armchair travel

Armchair Travel – Try it, You’ll Like it!

Armchair traveler…it seems an ambivalent term to me. I think I would always rather be an active traveler, getting out there, doing and experiencing rather than just watching. But the library has so many great travel DVDs that I decided to see if I, too, could be an armchair traveler.

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The Zoo’s the Thing

If you can’t manage an African safari this year, consider a different kind of safari. A trip to the zoo can provide lots of opportunities to vew exotic animals but with all the amenities close by…like bathrooms, drinks, ice cream and hot dogs. Almost every major city in the U.S. boasts a zoo and so do many not-so-major cities. Here is a top ten list from USA Travel Guide.