Reading Inspired by Local Events: Fiesta Mexicana and Day of the Cowboy

The many fun events going on in Topeka this summer are helping me to fill up my summer reading list. By reading these books I’ll have extra fun at these events and I’ll be on my way to making my summerfest reading goals! Fiesta Mexicana July 14th the Fiesta Mexicana supporting Our Lady of Guadalupe Church […]

Reading Inspired by Local Events: Happy Fourth of July!

Whether you are going to the Spirit of Kansas festival at Lake Shawnee or to one of the many other area celebrations of Independence Day, this holiday is a great time to pick up a book and learn more about the founding of our country

Stormy Weather? We’ve got you covered.

When it’s rainy outside it’s a good time to read inside.  These books and DVD’s all have umbrellas on the covers–all the better for reading on a stormy day.

Holiday Ornaments and Collectibles: Display them, treasure them, preserve them

You may not be a collector–but do you have holiday ornaments and family mementos that you enjoy every year?  Then-guess what-you do have a collection that is worth preserving and displaying well.  Here are some tips: PRESERVING & ORGANIZING  Tips for preserving hand-crafted ornaments: Store in sealable plastic bags and containers NEVER cardboard,  Use confetti/shredded […]

Six Degrees Challenge

When a certain theme in a book makes your eyes light up with joy, there’s nothing better than to follow that theme to another book that will expand upon that same concept. One way of doing this is to take the idea of “six degrees of separation” and apply it to books by noting the connections […]

Save Your Family Treasures!

Preserving Collectibles: Some Basic Tips These tips all come from the book Saving Stuff: How to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms, and other prize possessions by Don Williams—who is a senior conservator for the Smithsonian Institution.   TSCPL has this book in our collection—check it out if you need more detail on preserving just about […]

Seven Ways to Celebrate Audiobook Month During June

I hope you have already discovered the joys of listening to audiobooks. If you haven’t, June is the perfect month to discover a whole new way to read–since June is Audiobook Month. Here are seven ways to celebrate this month: 1. Download free audiobooks via SYNC. SYNC is a program that lasts all summer long […]

Boost Reading Skills with Playaway® Bookpacks

The library has added a unique item to our collection–Playaway®  Bookpacks. What are they? You may be familiar with Playaway® audiobooks, small portable players with a recording of a single book on them.  Playaway® bookpacks combine a Playaway®  player with a print copy of the same book that is recorded on the player.  The player allows the listener to listen […]