Local Events: Celebrating the Life of Ol’ Blue Eyes

Immediately after ringing in the New Year, Topekans will have an unique opportunity to learn more about one of the most iconic singers of all time.   This local event may ignite your curiosity, and the library has plenty of resources to help you satisfy your quest for knowledge about all things Sinatra. Sinatra on Sinatra […]

Local Events: Theater, Ballet, and Music

December is a month for making memories and enjoying holiday outings with family and friends.  There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy local events like a performance of the Nutcracker, a Christmas play, or a holiday concert around town.  After you go, visit us to check out related items for more holiday merriment at home. […]

Local Events: Trees, Comedy and Wings

The first weekend of December is a busy one, especially at the Kansas Expocentre!  Christmas trees will be on display at the Festival of Trees, there will be lots of laughs at the Jeff Dunham comedy show and chicken wings will satisfy hungry attendees at the Wing Fling.   After going to one of these […]

Local Events: Drama and Dance

The holiday season is a wonderful time to enjoy a play like A Christmas Carol or a dance performance like The Chocolate Nutcracker, two of the many local events occurring in Topeka this weekend. After taking in one of these show the Library has plenty of related books, CD’s and DVD’s so that you can extend your experience at home.

Local Events: Holiday Decor, Wedding Expo, and more

As the year winds down our attention is turning to the holidays, and many of our local events will feature holiday decorations and activities.  This upcoming weekend also brings us the first Equality Wedding Expo to be held in Topeka.  No matter what you are celebrating this weekend, the Library has plenty of related books, […]

Local Events: Theater, Spirit Mind and Body Fair, Pow-Wow

A variety of events will provide fun and learning for Topekans of all ages the weekend of November 6-8.   Your local adventures may take you to the Civic Theatre, the Expocentre or Gage Park but no matter where you go the Library has books and DVD’s related to your experiences. Local Theater Diary of […]

Local Events: Mother Earth News Fair

Sustainable living will be on the minds of everyone who will be attending the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend–and the Library has a variety of books and DVD’s to help you begin or maintain this lifestyle.

Local Events: Day of the Dead, Greek Food, Jazz, Food Trucks and more!

The weekend of October 10-12 is jam packed with a variety of events happening all over Topeka!  I hope you have a chance to enjoy the food, music, arts and crafts, and comedy that will be offered this weekend.   Then continue the fun and learning at home with some related books, CD’s and DVD’s […]

Beer Stein

Local Events: Unity Walk and Oktoberfest

Fall is in the air and it continues to be a busy time for celebrations and festivals.  As I enjoy these local festivals and fairs, I will also enjoy related books, CD’s and DVD’s from the library so that I can take these celebrations home with me. Unity Walk #RememberRosa Unity Walk Friday, October 2, […]

The Importance of Family Literacy

Across this country, one in six adults struggles with low literacy, one in three with basic math, and one in ten speaks limited English. Evidence shows a mom’s reading ability is the single best predictor of her kids’ success in school—more than race, ethnicity, and family income.

Cider Days, Apple Festival, and the Aaron Douglas Art Fair

Fall is in the air and it’s time to celebrate the harvesting of apples and the local creativity of the artists and musicians in our community. Enjoy related books, CD’s and DVD’s from the library so that you can take these celebrations home with you.

Reading Inspired by Local Events: Mariachi Festival and Paws in the Park

I enjoy keeping up with the local events around town and I find that many of them inspire me to read books related to what I just experienced.  This weekend the downtown area will be celebrating Mexican heritage with the Kansas State Mariachi festival and over at Gage park animal lovers will be enjoying Paws […]