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Need to Eat More Vegetables?

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I’m guessing the answer is a resounding YES to that question. I definitely know I need more vegetables in my diet. So guess what!?! This is the season for the best meals ever! I am positively giddy when fresh local vegetables and fruit start showing up in the produce isles and, even better, at our farmer’s markets in town.

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It's Time to Scrapbook!

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I don’t need much of an excuse to start a new hobby and now here’s a holiday just to get me in the mood for something new! The first Saturday in May has been declared National Scrapbooking Day by many and the library has a great collection of scrapbooking and memory album books to inspire you.

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Hand Spun from Spinner Pluckyfluff

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Do you think yarn should be simple? Smooth? Admittedly some yarn is pretty straightforward because it’s sole purpose is function and it needs to knit up easy on those manufacturing knitting machines. But there is a world of fiber arts out there where yarn is not only useful, beautiful, and unique, it is ART! Welcome to Art-Yarn.