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Crafts at the Farmers Market

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I know most people go to the farmers market to find farm-fresh vegetables and homemade goodness. And while I am definitely included in that group I also go to the market to see what people create in my community. It is an amazing place to find special and totally unique items that are “not found in stores”!

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Think Tula Pink for Your Next Quilt

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Here is a woman who loves designing. She not only comes up with imaginative quilting patterns, she has also designed ten different fabric collections in the past few years that are uniquely hers. Tula Pink admits “I am committed to rainbows. I cannot escape the persistent call to use every single color in the crayon […]

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Bouquets from your garden

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Author Valerie Easton has given you permission to let loose with your flower arranging. In her new book Petal & Twig: Seasonal bouquets with blossoms, branches, and grasses from your garden she encourages you to look closely at your own yard, find what is beautiful to you, and bring it inside. The simple joy of […]