The Ultimate Butler in Sleepless Knights

It’s the modern age, and King Arthur and six of the Knights of the Round Table still live- in secret. It wouldn’t be possible without the skills of King Arthur’s butler, Lucas. After gathering the knights which for poor Lucas meant searching for a missing king and breaking up a bar fight, King Arthur decides to find Merlin.

It’s a cozy murder in A Tine To Live, A Tine To Die

It was the most important harvest day for Cameron Flaherty’s organic farm-share program as thirty customers were coming to pick up their produce, but everything was almost ruined when Cam discovers her farmhand, Mike, had bought some pesticide. Lucky for Cam, he hadn’t used it on the plants, but it was the last straw for Mike…

The True Account of the Race Around the World in Eighty Days

After the publication of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days in 1873, travelers everywhere were challenged to see if the imaginary feat could actually be done. Though it wasn’t until November 14, 1889, that two women, a reporter and a journalist, would set off in opposite directions in a race to beat the eighty days and each other.