Rural Noir in Dry Bones in the Valley

Officer Henry Farrell is still in mourning when he returns home to rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Things have changed since Farrell had been away with the sprouting up of meth labs and newfound wealth from gas drilling, but despite the changes Farrell’s job as an officer was routine until he discovers a murdered young man.


Deadly Politics in The Wars of the Roses: Stormbird

King Henry VI inherited an England that was basking in the glory from the wars with France that brought land and money to the kingdom, but Henry was not interested in land, war, or politics. With his lack of leadership came…

Night Heron

The Espionage Thriller Night Heron

Twenty years have not softened prisoner 5995’s resolve or his abilities as a spy. Also known as Peanut, he escaped from a labor camp surrounded by desert and made his way to Beijing. With brutal force and cunning he connects…

Capturing the Light

The First Photographs in Capturing the Light

Before the invention of photography there was an unofficial race to discover the process of capturing images directly from the subject. In the 1830’s two men, Louis Daguerre and William Henry Fox Talbot, were successful…

The Goblin Emperor

Court Intrigue in The Goblin Emperor

The youngest son of the elf Emperor, Maia, has spent most of his life away from his cold father, his family and the court. At first Maia lived with his goblin mother both of them ignored and rejected, but after her death he was sent…

Gam, Set, and Murder

Following The Clues in Game, Set, and Murder

As Wimbledon’s tournament begins the anticipation and excitement are disrupted by the murder of the former tennis star and coach Petar Belic. No one seems to know who would want to kill Petar…