The Regency Fantasy, Sorcerer to the Crown

Zacharias Wythe is the new Sorcerer Royal, but rumors abound that he murdered the previous Sorcerer Royal and some are starting to blame him for the loss of magic in England. With his position and life threatened Zacharias leaves London…

Gates of Evangeline

Finding a Missing Child in The Gates of Evangeline

Journalist Charlotte “Charlie” Cates’s son has recently died and while struggling to overcome her grief has dreams about children in danger who need her help. When a little boy appears in one of her dreams…


The Story Behind the Duel in War of Two

The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr was the deadly climax from a lifetime of competition. They were in many ways opposite as Hamilton was born into poverty in the Caribbean while Burr was from an established colonial family, but it was their shared ambition that led them to opposite sides in politics.


A Deadly Deal in The Second Life of Nick Mason

Nick had given up his life of crime for his wife and daughter until he decided to do one last job, but it went terribly wrong and Nick ended up with a twenty year sentence, a divorce and all contact cut off from his family.


First in a New Fantasy Series is Son of the Black Sword

Ashok Vadal is a Protector of the Law and wields the great sword, Angruvadal. The sword picked Ashok when he was a boy and his family sent him to become a Protector. Through the years Ashok has distinguished himself while killing demons and upholding the strict laws that class some as non-people which Ashok doesn’t question. Then one day Ashok is called back to the capital…


A Victorian Mystery in A Curious Beginning

Veronica Speedwell is unlike most English women of the 1880’s. She travels the world alone, has the occasional romance without the thought of marriage, and collects butterflies professionally. She has returned to England to help her dying aunt who has raised the orphaned Veronica. After her aunt’s funeral someone tries to abduct Veronica…

Within These Walls

An Unsettling Nightmare in Within These Walls

The deaths at a home in Pier Pointe, Washington have never been explained and Jeffrey Halcomb the killer and perpetrator behind the tragedy has never spoken until now. He has contacted true crime writer Lucas Graham and has offered to let Lucas interview him under one condition…

The Boy Who Killed Demons

Hunting Demons in The Boy who Killed Demons

Henry was once a regular boy until he started to see demons. His neighbor was always pleasant and an average looking man and then one day Henry saw him in his true form as a real demon with horns and claws. At first Henry thought he was losing his mind, but after seeing more demons…

The Damned

Coming Back from the Dead in The Damned

Danny Orchard died and came back, but his twin, Ashleigh, was not so lucky because she stay dead. Danny was the quiet shy one, while his sister was popular and drew people to her, but she also hid another side…


Doll Horror in The Doll Collection

Kurt and his friend Marshall want to feel alive so they take extreme trips, and this time they’re hiking in the Antarctic. It seems like an adventure of a lifetime until they make a discovery that could turn their trip into a nightmare…


Unlikely Heroes in A Master Plan for Rescue

Eleven year old Jack‘s world is destroyed when his father is killed in a tragic accident. Jack is convinced that his father didn’t die but he has gone undercover to find Nazi spies since it was World War II. Jack skips school to try and find Nazis spies so he can help his father and hopefully see him again. Then one day Jack thinks he’s found a Nazi spy.

The Year of Fear

Machine Guns and Kidnapping in The Year of Fear

In 1933 the country was in the grip of the Depression and crime was running rampant as bootleggers moved to bank robbing and kidnapping. These outlaws had little trouble from local authorities since the criminals had worked out deals with law enforcement. As crimes went on unabated the public wanted something to be done…