Caught in Limbo

Sergeant Manuela Paris returns home to Italy so damaged both physically and emotionally from a suicide bomber that her family barely recognizes her. The homecoming was supposed to be joyful, but her family is unable to help Manuela as she remembers her childhood, her struggles…

Death at The Chateau Bremont

Food, Wine, and Murder in Death at the Château Bremont

The Château Bremont, once the busy country estate of a local noble family, has been reduced to the occasional visit, but the estate’s calm is shattered one night when the nobleman Étienne falls to his death. Chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque is suspicious…

The Free

A Dangerous Price in The Free

The Free is the last mercenary company of the kingdom and their effectiveness with the sword and magic is legendary, but time has changed the Free, and they’re ready to end the company and go into retirement until they are offered a contract they can’t refuse.

Tommy's War

The Powerful Tommy’s War

World War I was the first modern war with airplanes, armored vehicles, and the VPK, Vest Pocket Kodak which allowed soldiers to take cameras with them to the barracks, trenches, on leave, and the battles themselves. For the first time…


Deadly Travels in Toured to Death

Amy Abel is taking a chance with opening a new travel agency that specializes in customized expeditions. Her first tour is a mystery game set in Europe, and she was lucky enough to get the star mystery game writer Otto Ingo to create the game with all the clues, but while Amy is in Europe preparing for the tour disaster strikes…

Quartet for the End of Time

The Literary Quartet for the End of Time

In 1932 when the Bonus Army of veterans rioted in Washington, Alden Kelly who is sympathetic to their cause agrees to carry a bomb but is caught. His sister, Sutton, pressured by their father, a congressman, and trying to protect her brother accuses Kansas veteran Arthur Sinclair…