The Latest Sam Christer Thriller

After rescuing a woman from an assault that left two of the attackers dead, Tom Shaman was filled with guilt over their deaths, so he left the priesthood and went to Venice, Italy. He was hoping to start anew, but the violence followed Tom after he helped pull a murdered teen-aged girl out of the canal. Because of his help Tom finds that he is suddenly in the middle of the investigation that appears to be something far more sinister than simple murder since the victim had been mutilated, cut and was missing her liver.

The Puzzle of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore

Mr. Penumbra’s Bookstore is an impossibly narrow shop that has shelving that goes from the floor to ceiling three stories high with only ladders to retrieve the books at the top. The used books it sells at the front of the store are a mix of classics with a few popular titles thrown in, but it is the books from the back of the store that are different, even obscure with unknown authors and titles. The customers who use the books from the back of the store never buy, the books only borrow them…

Morlock’s beginnings in A Guile of Dragons

The Wardlands was on the otherside of the Sea of Worlds, far away from Arthur’s Britain and quite a journey for Merlin and his pregnant mistress who were being forced to this distant land. The Wardlands was Merlin’s homeland where he was to stand trial for treason before being exiled and forbidden to return, though before his expulsion Merlin left something precious behind: his son, Morlock.

The First Foodie in Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brûlée

After independence from Britain, Thomas Jefferson was sent to France to represent the United States, but he also had other plans- to learn about French food, wine, cooking, and then bring the cuisine back to this country. This plan included a slave, James Hemings, who was to be apprenticed to French chefs in order to become an accomplished chef who would ultimately teach his skills to another slave in Jefferson’s household.