The Secret Lives of Invisible Women in Calling Invisible Women

Clover sometimes felt invisible as a woman in her fifties with two grown children and a busy physician husband, but one morning she woke up truly invisible. Her new non-visual status was troubling enough, but her family didn’t notice which only made Clover feel more isolated, especially as time went by and her invisibility went undiscovered. Then one day she saw in the newspaper an ad for invisible women

Assassination in The Paris Directive

In Taziac, a small village in France, very little happens, and mainly the locals live their lives and tourists come and go. The quietness is shattered when an assassin, Klaus Reiner who is cold, calculating and known for making murder look like an accidental death, arrives and transforms the village. The assassination does not go as planned…

David Freed’s New Mystery Series Featuring A Flying Detective

Pilot and flight instructor Cordell Logan is down on his luck with his last student quitting and bills piling up, and it seems that things couldn’t get any worse until his ex-wife Savannah contacts him and wants his help. Her husband, Arlo, was murdered, but Cordell isn’t too distraught since Arlo was Cordell’s friend who broke up Cordell’s marriage.

Cordell has no intention of getting involved with the murder investigation though Savannah is convinced that the murder has something to do with Cordell’s and Arlo’s past…

A Nightmare Boyfriend in Into the Darkest Corner

Catherine was once outgoing and carefree, but after she met her boyfriend, Lee, everything changed. Lee was good looking and charming and seemed like the ideal boyfriend but after a few months there were signs that something was wrong as the violence and control escalated into a final ordeal of torture.

Move ahead three years later, Lee is in prison and Catherine is trapped in her own apartment for hours on end because of her fear and obsessions. In spite of her difficulties, Catherine has begun to move on with her life, and then she finds out that Lee…