The Return of the Murder Squad in The Black Country

Deep in the British Midlands, the mining town of Blackhampton has a possible tragedy on its hands- a husband, wife, and their youngest child have disappeared though their three other children are still safe at home. There are miles of tunnels underground and woods nearby for someone to disappear into either alive or dead…

Identity Unknown in Ghostman

In Atlantic City a casino robbery that was planned to the very last detail went terribly wrong leaving one of the robbers dead and the other one shot and in hiding with over a million in cash. A massive manhunt is underway for the injured robber and Marcus, the mastermind behind the robbery, doesn’t know if the surviving robber is hurt, dead or worse- planning on taking the money and run. Marcus needs someone to clean up the mess and retrieve the money, so he calls in on a debt …

An Obsession with Time in The Grand Complication: The Race to Build the World’s Most Legendary Watch

James Ward Packard was one of the men behind the luxurious Packard Automobile Company and was an inventor who made millions, though he had one underlying passion- watches. Pocket watches were marvels of invention that could go beyond telling time and have additional functions called complications like sunrise times and celestial movements. Packard contracted with Patek Philippe, a premier watch maker, to design watches referred to as grande complications because of their multiple complications.

Art to Die For in A Dangerous Talent

Alix London’s future had been promising as an art student at Harvard and with a father that was a well known art conservator. Then her world turned upside down when her father was convicted of art forgery. She dropped out of school and the family money began to disappear with the rising court costs. Now, she’s a struggling art consultant and barely able to make ends meet until Alix gets a break that could jumpstart her career.

Andrew Pyper’s Latest Novel The Demonologist

Professor David Ullman teaches religious literature and is a scholar of Milton’s Paradise Lost and also of demons, but the irony about his studies is that David does not believe in demons or anything else. Outside the classroom David’s life is in turmoil. His wife wants a divorce and at the same time he receives a strange visitor…