Cold death in The Ice Twins

One night a young girl, Lydia is killed in an accident leaving behind her twin sister Kirstie and Angus and Sarah their bereaved parents. After a year to escape the memories of their daughter’s death the family moves to a remote Scottish island. It seems like it might be a new start but…

The Voices

Hearing Things in The Voices

Christopher and Laura Norton have found their dream house in north London and after remodeling move in with their baby girl. It’s an old Victorian home with room for a sound studio for Christopher’s work composing music, but there’s something wrong…

Arrows of Rain

The Danger of Silence in Arrows of Rain

On the coast of Africa a young woman runs into the ocean and drowns. Bukuru who is considered a madman, tried to help the young woman, but the local police charge him with her death. In court Bukuru accuses the armed forces…

Wink of An Eye

Death in a Wink of an Eye

Teenage girls have been disappearing but there’s no official investigation. One deputy secretly and on his own is building a file about the disappearances until his suspicious suicide. Tatum, his twelve-year-old son, believes his father was murdered…


Twisted History in Clash of Eagles

It’s 1218 and Rome hasn’t fallen and the 33rd Roman Legion has invaded North America in search of gold. Instead of riches they find warriors who hide behind trees and slowly pick off the Romans, but after capturing a young woman the Romans learn of a city that might have gold.