Woven Words: Slow Literature

“My job is to tell stories with yarn.” Artist Sarah Swett weaves words from an unfinished novel into her tapestries. The tale is revealed in a series she calls Slow Literature.

The Joy of Making

Lots of us still make things by hand even though we can buy everything we need in a store or online. I talked with Zan and Heather in the Gallery to find out why.

Madcap Dorothy and the Art of Bookbinding

Pretty madcap Dorothy works in a book-bindery with her friends. Unfortunately, all that work leaves little time for socializing. How is she ever going to find a marriageable fellow? And wait a minute, it’s the 19th century, what are women doing binding books in the first place?

A Little Book of Awkwardness

Awkwardness is a universal feeling. Let’s take a closer look at one of the library’s artists’ books that translates these feelings into a 3-dimensional form.

Visualizing a Poem for National Poetry Month

Artists’ books combine text, image, material and structure to tell a story. In honor of National Poetry Month, let’s take a closer look at one of the library’s artists’ books, “Admonition”, by Sara R. Parr.

Have you eaten a good book lately?

Join the fun at the 6th Annual Edible Book Festival. Create an edible masterpiece based on the content or shape of a book, see other edible works of art and vote for your favorites.

Is That a Book?

Artists’ books encourage us to look outside the binding to see what a book can be. Bottle cap pages, metal covers, and sanded and shaped text blocks are just a few of the possibilities.