Read the Community Novel: Chapter 1 by Lissa Staley

The Friday afternoon before a three day weekend can drag on and on. That is, unless someone in the city offices downtown gets fired and escorted out by security. The whole office stays busy trying to pretend they are not sneakily watching two security officers packing up the office. Not everyone masters the art of […]

Celebrate Preservation Week @yourlibrary – April 22-28

From Libraries, museums, archives and other organizations work every day to preserve cultural history.  Over 4.8 billion artifacts are held in public trust by more than 30,000 archives, historical societies, libraries, museums, scientific research collections and archaeological repositories in the United States. Why is preservation important?  Some 2.6 billion items are not protected by […]

Thomas Averill’s Rode chosen as Outstanding Western Novel of 2011

Rode was named Outstanding Western Novel of 2011 as part of the Western Heritage Awards given each year in Oklahoma City, home of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. This award has been won in the past by James Michener, Thomas Berger, Larry McMurtry, A.B. Guthrie, Barbara Kingsvolver and Cormac McCarthy. An awards banquet will be held […]

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Meet Madison Spencer, newbie in Hell and eternal 13-year-old whose self-asphyxiation lands her in her own version of The Breakfast Club.  Chubby, whip-smart, and hopeful, Maddy is reshaping Hell to her own needs. Through a series of flashbacks to her rich, hippy, private jet upbringing, readers surmise that life as a celebrity kid isn’t that […]