Books Suited for a King or Queen

Being a king, queen or prince is harder than these titles of royalty would imply. This book list shows you why. Enjoy some fictitious stories of royalty and some real stories that are stranger than fiction.

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Women & Money 2013

Don’t be in the dark about your financial future. Sign up for Women & Money, a seven-week financial series which begins Sept. 5. Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., along with area experts, teach budgeting, retirement planning, banking and credit building. Designed for women of all income and education levels.

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All Booked Up: NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Buckle up and prepare for a scary ride in NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King. And oh, this story is so haunting it’s got to make a proud father out of him. Find out what weird, scary characters and places await readers of this novel; watch this video book review.


Download Free Magazines with Your Library Card

It’s just flippin’ fun to choose from the more than 200 magazines in the new online magazine collection. Fill up your laptop, tablet, ereader, iPad or other device with free, full-text magazines.


Playing in the Key of Art

Pretty soon everybody will be asking “what’s the story with the painted piano outside the library?” Well here you go. Be the first to know how this painted piano project came about and why it matters.

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