Named Recognition Policy


The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library (TSCPL) Board of Trustees shall approve the time, place
and manner of naming its facilities, assets and programs.


“Facilities” include buildings and their public interior spaces, and gardens and major exterior ground
spaces owned or leased by TSCPL.

“Assets” include motor vehicles, collections, fixtures, sculptures, and other personal property suitable and
appropriate for named recognition.

“Programs” include activities carried out on a perpetual or regular schedule including but not limited to
lecture series, summer reading programs, musical performances, book discussion groups, etc.

“Donor(s)” are those individuals or entities who have made financial contributions to The Library
Foundation for the benefit of TSCPL.

Eligibility for Named Recognition

Facilities, assets and programs may only be named for individuals and entities of good moral character and
reputation in recognition of their outstanding service to TSCPL or financial contributions to the TSCPL.

Procedure for Named Recognition

The Trustees, upon the recommendation of the executive director and with the advice of The Library Foundation Board of Trustees, shall approve the naming of all facilities, assets and programs, including the time, place and manner of the recognition.

The duration of the named recognition shall be specified by the Trustees as in perpetuity, as a stated number of years, as the lifetime of the donor(s), or as the existence of the facility, asset or program. Any recommendation of perpetual named recognition pursuant to this policy must appear on the agenda of two consecutive monthly meetings of the Trustees prior to any action being taken on the recommendation.

The Trustees shall bear the expense of and determine the propriety of the named recognition display, which shall conform to the architectural standards approved by the Trustees. No product logos or commercial signatures shall be included in the design of the named recognition display. Should the name of the recognized individual or entity change during the duration of the recognition, the Library shall not bear the expense of altering the recognition display to reflect the name change.

In conjunction with the construction and renovation of TSCPL facilities or the purchase of major assets, the Trustees may approve a private fundraising plan designating the portion(s) of the facilities or asset suitable for named recognition and the amount of financial contribution required for naming, provided however, that the Trustees may reserve some portion of the
facilities for recognition without the necessity of a financial contribution.

Effect of Recognition

The grant of named recognition by the Trustees pursuant to this policy confers no property rights or interest upon the donor, individual or entity so recognized, either in law or equity, actual or implied, real or personal, whether past, present or future. Further, no contribution for the benefit
of the TSCPL may be conditioned upon receipt of naming rights by the donor without the express written consent of the Trustees.

The Trustees reserve the right to revoke a prior grant of named recognition whenever compelling reasons or circumstances justify such action.

Nothing herein shall preclude or prevent the Trustees from modifying, changing, renovating or disposing of any TSCPL facility, asset, or program.

Applicable Law

This policy is subject to applicable Kansas and federal statutes and as they may be amended from time-to-time.


This policy as amended was approved by the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Board of Trustees meeting on November 20, 2008.

Board of Trustees
Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library